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【Chiba, Japan】Travel Helper

Great for Family Vacations

Sometimes traveling by train can be tough, especially if your traveling with children or the elderly. Now you can reserve your own transportation.

With pick-up and drop-off services from Narita and Haneda Airport, travel by bus to all the hot springs and famous tourist destinations. Our friendly staff, dressed in uniform, are ready to welcome you. They also speak English and Chinese so you can sit back and relax. 

The photo is if our 13 person commuter.

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Goryo Inc.

Hands-free travel makes your trip easier

Many have asked about "Is there any lockers available in Sawara?". There are lockers in Sawara, however, the size of the lockers aren't big enough for luggage.
We do understand your excitement towards the trip as soon as you arrived at the airport. Therefore, let me introduce the temporary baggage storage service and baggage delivery service.

By applying for these services, your trip would surely become easier! To apply for the baggage delivery service, please visit Narita Airport TA-Q-BIN at the first floor of Terminal 2 before 11 a.m.. The luggage would be delivered to the hotels within Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Yokohama, Gunma, Yamanashi areas. It is highly recommended for those who travel with children.(You could apply for the same service at Terminal 1 as well)

The temporary baggage storage service is also convenient. Considering the sophisticated railway transportation in Japan, traveling with baggage is inconvenient. Traveling by High-speed bus from Narita Airport may be a good choice.


Begin a decent travel as soon as you arrived the airport!

(The followings are the plan recommendations)

Arrived at Narita Airport

Store your baggage

Take the train to Narita Station, then transfer to Sawara Station

After visiting Sawara, return to Narita Airport

Retrieve your baggage and travel by high-speed bus


How do you feel about the schedule?

Also, we offer a discount for baggage service, which requires showing the PDF file with your smart phone or tablet. Please feel free to apply for the baggage services!