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The petunias are beginning to bloom!

The petunias are beginning to bloom!

With the warm weather recently, the flower have started blooming earlier then last year. The flowers are just beginning to bud, but in no time the valley will be covered in vibrant color. The pink flowers blooming in beautiful contrast to the blue sky and Boso Mountains in the Kujyukuri Valley make for picturesque scenery!
Don't miss out on the chance to see it for yourself ♪
For up to date information on the flowers, see the link below.

New born♡

Our last lamb to be born this year was born on 3/20 (Tuesday)☆

The staff let out a sigh of relief with the end of the birthing season.

This year, 50 mother sheep gave birth to 65 adorable lambs. Mother Farm has been bustling since the start of spring!

We look forward to their healthy growth and development♡

Be sure to visit Mother Farm and catch a peek of the baby lambs while they are still young, innocent, and prancing about♪

An Adorably Delicious Snowman!?

Enjoy this seasonal menu item for a limited time only at Mother Farm! This snowman chowder is made using our handmade sausage.
A snowman made of rice, surrounded by chowder filled with delectable handmade sausage, be sure to grab a bite before it’s gone♡

【 Sales Date 】 Now until 12/25 (Mon)
 【 Vendor 】 Mother Factory Restaurant
【 Sales Price 】 1,180 JPY(inc. tax)

●Christmas at Mother Farm
"Reindeer Sheep" and Santa Make Their Appearance
Gel Candle Making
X'mas Mini Rare Cheese Cake Making

On Friday, June 30th 2017, a baby Alpaca was born at Mother Farm

On Friday, June 30th 2017, a baby Alpaca was born at Mother Farm (Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture).

This Alpaca was the sixth one to be born here. He is a little boy that likes to be spoiled and sticks close to his mother. You can see him and other animals while riding the "Tractor Train" as part of the "Mother Farm Tour."

☆★From Birth to Now★☆

On June 30th, 2017 at 9am, staff in the cattle barn noticed the mother alpaca purring with labor pains. Perhaps it was because the calf was a bit large, but as his head emerged the mother alpaca began to tire and stopped pushing. Staff patiently helped things along and at 11am the calf was born without issue. Sakurai, the staff member in charge of the alpaca, said, "He resembles his mother and is a bit shy, but he is full of curiosity." While it was the mother's first birth, her and the staff are doing well to take care of the baby and help him grow. Born at 6.4kg, as of July 12th he weighed in at 8.5kg. 

This alpaca was the largest ever to be born at Mother Farm. Following his mother's example, you can find him munching on the green grass, eating like a growing boy. His name, "Rickey," was inspired by the Japanese character for "Strong," which is pronounced "Riki," in the hopes that he will grow up strong to have children of his own. At this time, we are getting him used to leaving the stable. When going out to graze he mimics his mom and covers himself in sand, he stays close by her side and is still very much a baby. He is in good health, so now the public can take a look at him and his mom spending time together on the "Mother Farm Tour."