Privacy Policy

This site (hereafter referred to as this site) is managed and operated by PLUS ONE Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as this company). In order to deliver a service that grants piece of mind to our customers and carefully handles personal information, this company abides by the following privacy policy.

Personal Information
Personal Information refers to information related to the end user. This information includes any information that could be used to identify the end user such as name, address, date of birth, sex, phone number, email address, and description. This also includes information that could be used to identify the end user when combined with other information, even if the information by itself could not be used identify the end user.

Use of Personal Information
This company will use personal information for the following purposes. Information will not be used for any other purpose without the consent of the end user or unless it is required in abidance with laws and ordinances. In addition, this company may make reasonable changes to this policy and announce updates on this site.
1)For registered members when using this company's services The display of membership information when logging in and for identity verification.
・Including tour, program, etc. inquiries and applications For the purpose of releasing information concerning the user's registration and inquiries to a receiving party with the consent of the user. For the purpose of contacting the appropriate user concerning trouble shooting between the user and a receiving party.
・Such as inquiries to this company For the purpose of responding to user inquiries or comments.
・Such as inquiries and registration requests on corresponding blogs For the purpose of contacting registered users. For the purpose of contacting users and disclosing information (information posted online).
2) When executing this company's service transactions When performing the following actions and in instances when customers use this site to purchase goods, make reservations, apply for gifts, and other transactions.
・When delivering goods
・When offering services
・When billing
・When responding to customer inquiries
・When this company inquires to customers
・When offering follow-up services
・When distributing information such as this company's email magazine
・When performing necessary operations for service transactions
*In the case where a user signs a contract with such institutions as a travel company, the appropriate contents of the privacy policy provided by the institution will be applied.
*In addition to the above use, information based on personal information may be analyzed for the purpose of improving this site, but the user will not be identifiable by the information.

Concerning the Collection of Personal Information
This company will collect personal information through just and fair methods. In order for customers to receive this site's services, necessary information will need to be provided at the time of member registration.

Safe Handling of Personal Information
This company continually implements and improves information safety protocols regarding the unauthorized access, loss, corruption, alteration, and disclosure of personal information. Additionally, this site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt and safely handle users' personal information.

Distribution of Personal Information to Third Parties
This company will provide customer information as necessary when a customer applies/inquires to a third party companies (such as travel companies). In the above situation, this company will not provide information to a third party without reconfirming customer consent. However, this company will not reconfirm consent for the following situations.
・Situations in which the individual has given consent
・Situations that risk life or financial assets and the consent from the individual is difficult to confirm
・When consent from the individual is difficult to confirm and information is necessary for the promotion of public health or child rearing.
・During merger or other business succession related to personal information
・Situations in which seeking user consent would hinder cooperation with national or local government and legal parties
・Legal Situations

Regarding the Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing
Part or all of the information processing may be outsourced in order to achieve the purpose of use. If outsourced, the entrusted organization must meet safety standards, and only after signing a non-disclosure agreement will information be shared. Regular checks will be performed to ensure safety standards are upheld.

Procedures for Requesting the Release, Revision, and Discontinued Use of Personal Information
When this company receives a request for the release, revision, discontinued use, or deletion of personal information, the individual's identity will be confirmed and appropriate action will be taken. For requests concerning the release of information, please contact the PLUS ONE Office.

Contact Information Regarding Personal Information
For inquiries concerning personal information, please contact the service window.The individual seeking information must verify their identity to receive a response. Personal information will be used to provide an appropriate response to the inquiry.

Privacy Policy Changes
Changes to the privacy policy will be enacted whenever deemed appropriate by this company. Changes made to the policy will be announced on this site. The use of this site after changes have been announced is consider as giving consent to the changes.