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Vegetarian and Halal Sushi Making Experience

Located 38 kilometers from Narita Airport is the Kaihin Makuhari Area. About a 40-minute drive from the airport, the area is home to many hotels and commerce centers including Aeon Mall, Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari, and the Makuhari Messe Convention Center.There are also plenty of late-night restaurants to enjoy.
The Keiyo Train Line runs through the area and offers easy transportation to Tokyo and Disneyland. 
Stay at one of the many conveniently located hotel, often offering cheaper accommodations than Tokyo.
✔︎Station:JR Keiyo Kaihinmakuhari Station
✔︎Airport Limousine Bus 
Narita Airport
Haneda Airport

Sushi Experience
Dawn a traditional Happi coat and chef’s hat and learn how to make your own delicious sushi with a Sushi Chef!!
Shop Information:Sushi ICHIZYU


For those who don’t like raw fish, there is also Aburi Sushi (made with seared fish) and Vegetable Sushi.


After the experience, participants will receive a commemorative certificate of completion.This activity is kid friendly.This shop is Halal Certified.


■Time: Course and meal about 1 hour
■Capacity: Groups of 10 or more
■Reservation needed
■Contact:LoveChiba EN messenger

Relaxing at the Ryokan

Have an experience that can only be found outside of the city at a Ryokan, traditional Japanese-style hotel. 

A typical vacation in Japan is filled will local food, walks through the gardens, and unwinding in the “Onsen” hot springs.

At the previously introduced Kamogawakan Ryokan Hotel, guests can take part in all the above activities at our Relaxation Spa Area.

With English speaking staff on hand, you can rest easy knowing there will not be any communication barriers. The spa offers all its therapies for both men and women in a private setting.

A: Total Body
     60min  15,000YEN
     90min  20,000YEN
*Men's body 60min 16,000YEN / 90min 22,000YEN

B: Half Body& Head  60min 16,000YEN

C: Half Body& Facial 60min 16,000YEN

D:Total Body& Facial 90min 21,000YEN

E:Total Body&Chi,Neithen 90min 22,000YEN
*stomach treatment with Herbal Ball

F:Total Body&Antaiging Facial 120min 32,000YEN

K:Antaiging Facial 60min 17,000YEN


With the Rugby World Cup and Olympics on the horizon, our survey results show that communication is one of the biggest concerns for international travels. Our multilingual staff are here to handle the diverse needs of our guests. 

Geisha Experience at Takaraya in Kisarazu

Takaraya was established during the Meiji era in 1897. Ever since, it has kept the tradition going for over 120years, and is carried by the same family for 5 generations. 


Takaraya is located in Kisarazu City which was developed as a port town in the Edo period. It has a rich source of seafood as well as fresh agricultural products.

At Takaraya, you can also experience the song and dance performed by “Kisarazu Geisha” which has a long history in the city since the Edo era.
You can reserve this performance as an optional plan (1 geisha for 2hours:14,000+tax. Minimum 2 geishas required for their performance ) at Takaraya.

Please enjoy this historical experience by visiting Takaraya restaurant in Kisarazu City.

▶︎Shop List:Takaraya

We accept inquiries from travel companies as well. LOVE CHIBA (Company name:PLUS ONE Inc.) is authorized by Tokyo as a Japanese Tour Operator.  ⇨

A Resort Area Out of the Ordinary

This resort area for Tokyo is blessed with natural beauty and spectacular ocean views. Located on the Pacific Coast, the area will also play host to surfing events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Found at this beautiful location is a guest house run by a U.K. family. The views from the guest house are sure to help guests relax and unwind.


The area is also great for trying marine sports like surfing and stand up paddle boarding.
A variety of local food makes it easy to plan out a multi-day tour.
Escape the bustle of the city for a short stay in the refreshing countryside!!

▶︎Shop List: Splash Guest House

A Short Trip from Tokyo

Chiba Prefecture, home to Narita Airport, is surrounded by the ocean and blessed with natural splendor. For those traveling through Tokyo, it is a great place for a day trip. We also recommend spending a night at a ryokan, Japanese style inn.

Day Trip
A 35-minute drive from Narita Airport is the historic townscape of “Sawara,” known as little Edo. The streets are filled with a collection of old homes and storefronts, and, in1996,the area was the first location in the Kanto region to be designated a cultural asset, “Group of Traditional Buildings.” Sawara is also home to one of Japan’s top 3 largest festivals which draws in many visitors each year. The festival was designated a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2016. The area is also the perfect location to tour sake breweries and find your favorite flavor with its clean natural springs. Visitors can also get a riverside view of the townscape with a 2.5km gondola tour.

▶︎Example Tour:¥91,000〜(Charter a Private Shuttle)
Pick-up from Narita Airport, Drop-off in Sawara, Walk around Sawara, Brewery Tour (3 hours), shuttle to hotel in Tokyo.

One-Night Two-Days, Tokyo Area Accommodations and Tour
Chiba’s temperate climate and Pacific coastline make it a popular location for Tokyo summer homes. A short 2.5 hours from the city, we recommend visitors try fishing on the ocean. All necessary items are available for rent, so there is no need to worry what to prepare. Certain accommodations will even prepare your catch for you to enjoy that day (preparation fees may apply). Unwind with your own personal “rotenburo,” outdoor bath, that has an amazing view of the ocean. The beach also makes for a great jogging location for early risers.

▶︎Example Tour: ¥118,000〜PP (Charter a Private Shuttle for up to 8 people)
Shuttle from Tokyo Hotel (located in the 23 wards), Travel across Tokyo Bay on the Aqualine Highway and Bridge, fishing (¥5,500/2 hours), Accommodation with ocean view (One-Night Two-Days, meals included, ¥28,000〜per person), Regional tourism, Shuttle to Tokyo hotel
 ✔︎Ryokan hotel with private outdoor bath
 ✔︎Children may also participate

The southern part of Chiba Prefecture, known as the Boso Peninsula, is a region defined by its beautiful coastlines and mountain ranges. A popular destination for day trips from Tokyo, the area offers a variety of local cuisines showcasing area produce and marine products. Whether you live in Tokyo or are just visiting, we hope to welcome you to Chiba soon.

Make the most of fall! Colored leaves, illuminations, and seasonal shopping!

The best way to get around and take in the season is by rent-a-car.

By popular demand, we have collected and shared reginal and seasonal tourism information. It seems like many have taken advantage of these opportunities and the demand for rent-a-cars is on the rise. We recommend using this coupon( coupon code:  pQvXoQiJbC) for 5% OFF cars at Nippon Rent-A-Car. Also be sure to check out the outlet mall, newly expanded it is the largest outlet by number of stores in Japan as of October 26th.



With a total of 308 shops, 73 newly opened and 30 renovated, things are new and improved. The Opening Fair will also have special deals on products at stores making their Japan debut at the outlet mall. 
Direct buses are departing everyday from Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Narita Airport.

(source by 三井不動産)


Let's visit popular local shops!

Kamogawa City's famous dish is "Oraga-don," seafood over rice. "Oraga" in the Kamogawa dialect means "My house." For a delicious taste of "Oraga-don," visit the restaurant "Nakamura" located a 10 minute walk from Awa-Kominato Station.

Established in an old Japanese-style house, it is a popular local spot with many customers daily.

Topped with locally sourced squid, mackerel, tuna, sea urchin, and clams, this dish contains 8~9 types of seafood served over rice. The meal also includes Miso soup and side dishes all for 1300 JPY.
During your next visit to Kamogawa, you'll definitely have to sink your teeth into this one.

Information on this site is accurate as of its recording. Please be aware that changes may have occurred.

Popular Views and Hiking at Nokogiri Mountain!

Nokogiri Mountain, famous for once being a stone quarry, stands 329 meters tall and is a popular locale for relaxed hiking. A ropeway ferries visitors to the Nihonji Temple, established in the year 725 by the Buddhist Priest Gyoki. The 33m2temple grounds are connected by 2639 stone steps and decorated by 1553 stone buddha.