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Chiba Prefecture Flower Info〜Nanohana Flowers〜

Roadside Station Tomiura Biwa Club and surrounding area (Minamiboso City)

□ Dates: Mid-March

Nanobatake Road (Kamogawa City)

A sea of yellow blooming flowers, the “Nanobatake Road” flower fields are within walking distance from JR Awa-Kamogawa Station.
□ Dates: Early-February to Mid-March

Mother Farm (Futtsu City)

With 1.5km of blooming Nanohana flowers, it’s a photo opportunity you don’t want to miss.
□ Dates: Mid- February to Mid-April
□ Admission: Middle School Age and Older 1500 JPY, Children 4 and older 800 JPY


You can also board a Chiba local train and enjoy the Nanohana fields along the railway line..
Isumi Testsudo along the railway line (Isumi City to Otaki Town)

□ Dates: Late-March to Late-April
□ Place: Isumi Testsudo along the railway line *fare rates vary by length of ride.

Kominato Tetsudo along the railway line (Ichihara City to Otaki Town)

《Where to spot the Nanohana Flowers》      
Kazusa Kawama Stn., Kazusa Tsurumai Stn., Satomi Stn., Itabu Stn., Tsukizaki Stn., Kazusa Okubo Stn.
□ Dates: Mid-March to Mid-April
□ Place: Kominato Tetsudo along the railway line *fare rates vary by length of ride.

Chiba Prefecture Flower Info 〜Plums〜

Hananobe no Sato (Katsuura City)

Narita-san Park (Narita City)
Located behind the main hall of the popular tourist destination Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple, the park grows a combination of 500 red and white plum trees.
□    Dates: Mid-February to Mid-March

Hananobe no Sato (Katsuura City)
From the latter half of January through February, 300 Kawazu Cherry Blossoms will be in full bloom. The soft aroma of plum hangs in the air as the plum trees also begin to bloom.
□ Dates: Mid-February to Mid-March
□ Admission: Middle School Age and Older 650 JPY, Children 3 and older 450 JPY

Mother Farm (Futtsu City)
Between February and March, you can take in the splendor of 100 thousand Japanese daffodils and Nanohana Flowers in full bloom against the backdrop of 200 blooming plum and peach trees at the “Plum Garden.”
□ Dates: Mid-February to Mid-March
□ Admission: Middle School Age and Older 1500 JPY, Children 4 and older 800 JPY

Nanabatake Road

Spring arrives early in the Boso. Enjoy the fields of Nanabatake Road as they overflow with bright yellow rapeseed flowers.

□ Date:【Viewing】Early February ~ Early March
                   【Picking】1/20(Sat)~ 3/11(Sun) 9:30~15:00
□   Place:Here

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking
*Strawberry picking is depending on the condition of the fields, picking hours may change.

 Dragon Farm
□ Dates:1/1~ Mid-May *Non-fixed holidays

Narita Yume Bokujo
□ Dates:From Late December 

Tateyama Strawberry Picking Center “JA Awa-Tatenoshiten”
□ Dates:1/2~5/7

 Tateyama Tourism Strawberry Picking Center
□ Dates:1/2~5/8

Minnami no Sato
□ Dates:Mid-January to Early May (Tentative)
□ Reception Time:9:00~15:30 *Closed Wednesdays (Temporary Closures may Occur)

 Roadside Station Tomiura Biwa Club
□ Dates:1/1(Mon/Holiday)~5/6(Sun)
□ Closed:Mondays(If Monday is a holiday, facilities will be closed Tuesday instead)
□ Time:9:30~16:00 

 Mammoth Strawberry Park         
□ Dates:Early January ~ Late May *Tentative *Non-fixed holidays
□ Time:10:00~(While supplies last)

Roman no Mori
□ Dates:1/1~ Early May(General Admission)*Reservation Required
□ Closed:Wednesdays

 Mother Farm
□ Dates:Mid-January ~ Late May *Closed Tuesdays
□ Time:January/ Weekdays 10:00~, Weekends and Holidays 9:30~
                    February/ Weekdays 9:30~, Weekends and Holidays 9:00~


Daffodil Trail

The time for daffodil viewing is between late December and early February, during this time mid-January is especially nice. Delight in the fragrance of about 50,000 daffodils while walking the trail.

Dates:Late December ~ Early February

Tourist Information Wrap Up in August

When it comes to mid-August, Japanese celebrates the annual Buddhist event, Obon(お盆), to commemorate the spirits and ancestors. Nowadays, Obon has evolved into a family reunion day, and the "Bon Odori (Bon dance)", one of the most iconic tradition during Obon, is a joyful event which everyone is welcomed. On top of that, there would be dazzling fireworks in many of the summer events! Be sure to check out these summer events when you visit Chiba, Japan!