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Sawara, streets, bamboo lights ~Enjoy the illumination and music in Yukata~

Yukata(a casual summer kimono) matches perfectly well with the streets of Sawara. Why not immerse yourself in the summer evenings in Yukata, and appreciate the illumination and music?
During the "Floating Dream Lantern Event" on 8/14(Mon.), you can write down your dreams and wishes on the lanterns before putting them into Onogawa(Ono River), and may all your wishes come true.
※The event would be rescheduled to 8/15(Tues.) if it's a rainy day.
Date: 8/6(Sun.), 8/13(Sun.), 8/14(Mon.), 8/15(Tues.)
Location: Old House of Tadataka Ino nearby area(伊能忠敬旧宅付近)and Onogawa riverside(小野川沿い)
[by train] 15-mins walk from JR Narita Line Sawara Station
[by car] 10-mins ride from East Kanto Expressway Sawara Katori I.C.

Try on Yukata at Kimono rental shop "Inoue" in Sawara!
Explore the vintage townscape of "Koedo" Sawara on a boat tour!

Choshi Minato Matsuri(銚子みなまつり)

An upcoming fireworks event would be held on 8/5(Sat.) at Tonegawa's riverside, featuring a show with around 6,000 fireworks going off. On top of that, on 8/11(Fri./Holiday), "Mikoshi Parade(みこしパレード)" features the carrying of portable shrines through My Road and Koko road, starting from the Choshi city hall and ends at Inuma Kannon.
Date: 8/5(Sat.) Fireworks Event
8/11(Fri./Holiday) Mikoshi Parade
Location: Choshi Station and Tonegawa's riverside (利根川河畔)/ Nishishibacho, Choshi-shi, Chiba
Access: JR Sobu Main Line Choshi Station

Golden Mazes of Sun Flowers at Narita Dream Dairy Farm

This year, the numbers of sun flower made a record of 100,000. From time to time, the farm features glamorous golden mazes for your exploration. If you solve all of the riddles inside the maze, you would receive a coupon for ice cream as a gift.

※May be canceled due to bad weather.
※Event locations may change from time to time.
※May be canceled due to the growth of sun flowers.
※For more information about current flower growth stages, please contact via phone.

Date: Early July ~ Late August 10:00~16:00
Location: Narita Dream Dairy Farm (Narita Yume Bokujyo) / 730 Nagi, Narita-City, Chiba, 289-0111
Fee: 300 yen (additional fee for farm entry is required)
Contact: Tel (0476)96-1001 Narita Dream Dairy Farm

Summer Night Farm 2017 (Mother Farm)

Join us for our annual "Summer Night Farm." This year on weekends from 7/29(Sat.)~8/27(Sun.), 13 days in total! Relax with the refreshing evening summer breeze from atop Kanozan Mountain at Mother Farm. In the park, enjoy the illumination of the "Waku-Waku Land" Theme Park, various shows and attractions, and our Genghis Khan mutton cuisine. Of course there will also be a "Mother Farm Fireworks Show!" Come and see the sky illuminated in gorgeous colors!

July:7/29(Sat.), 30(Sun.)
August: 8/5(Sat.), 6(Sun.), 11 (Fri.・Holiday)~16(Wed.), 19(Sat.), 20(Sun.), 26(Sat.), 27(Sun.)
※Program may change depending on the day.
※Opening hours [Weekdays]9= 9:30~16:30 [Weekends & Holidays] 9:00~17:00
※Summer Night Farm opens till 9pm
Location: Mother Farm / 940-3, Tagura, Futtsu-shi, Chiba, 299-1731
(middle school students and above) 1,500 yen
Children (ages 4~elementary school student) 800 yen
※Additional fee is required according to each events.
Access: 15 km from Tateyama Expressway Kisarazu-minami I.C.

*Check out more information of Summer Night Farm!


Night Adventure at Kamogawa Sea World

"Night Adventure" features a 1-hour night tour (*requires reservation), following the commentary of aquarium keepers, you get to see the marine animals in their sleep, and enjoy the unique atmosphere in the aquarium at night. Not only can you watch the killer whales and dolphins in their sleep closely, you also have the rare opportunity to observe the adorable seals, sea lions, and penguins when they're asleep. The extra events in the aquarium after dark, such as watching dreamlike fishes that swim elegantly and sparkle in the dark, and a jelly fish exhibition named "Jelly Fish Life" that gains popularity among female visitors, are welcomed to everyone.

7/24(Mon.)~7/28(Fri.), 7/30(Mon.)~8/4(Fri.), 8/21(Mon.)~8/25(Fri.)

1st Tour 20:00  2nd Tour 20:10  3rd Tour 20:20 (1 hour within 20:00~21:30)

Adults(high school students and above) 1000 yen, Children(ages 4~middle school students) 700 yen. ※Fee-free for Children under the age of 3.

The reservation via phone is available from 2017/7/1(Sat.). Maximum reservation is 100 visitors per day (as long as it reaches the maximum reservation, the reservation closes). If there were tickets available on the day you visit, please reserve the tickets before 6 pm.

Adults 2,800 yen
Children (ages 4~middle school students) 1,400 yen
Students (high school, university, college students)2,200 yen
Ages 65 and above 2,100 yen

Location: Kamogawa Sea World / 1464-18 Higashi-cho, Kamogawa, Chiba 296-0041

[By car] 35 km from Tateyama Expressway Kimitsu I.C.
[By JR] 2-hours ride from Tokyo Station
[By Aqua Line High-speed Bus] 2-hours ride from Tokyo Station

Yutsuzu no Saiten at Samukawa Shrine(夕星の祭典/寒川神社)

The festival starts with the carrying of portable shrines through the city that is led by the rhythm of taiko drum. By evening, the ritual of "Ohamaori(御浜下り)" is performed by carrying the portable shrine into the ocean. It would be held at the shore near the Chiba Port Tower. This ritual featuring spectacular performances draws more attentions year by year.

Date: 8/20(Sun.)
Location: Samukawa Shrine(寒川神社) / 1-123, Samugawacho, Chuo-ku Chiba-shi, Chiba   
Access: 10-mins walk from JR Uchibo Line or Sotobo Line Chiba Station

Myoken Taisai(妙見大祭)

Chiba Shrine is where worships Polaris and The Big Dipper, and the deity, "Chiba's Myoken-sama(千葉の妙見様)", gives blessing of good luck and protection from evil.

  The Myoken Taisai Festival has been held on 16th~22th of August every single year since 1127. The festival features the carrying of portable shrines(神輿/mikoshi)led by the rhythm of a giant taiko drum, whose sound (verbalized as "daran-daran(だらん、だらん)"in Japanese) is the origin for the festival’s general name, the "Daradara Festival(だらだら祭り)".

  On 16th(Wed.), the portable shrine is carried to temporary residence, then returns to the Chiba Shrine on 22th(Tues.). The portable shrine would be parading through the city for two days, and it is likely that the streets are crowded at that time. On top of that, on 22th(Tues.) past 7p.m., the festival features a breath-taking view of huge portable shrines in red lighted by numerous lanterns.

Date: 8/16(Wed.)~22(Tues.)
Location: Chiba Shrine(千葉神社) etc. / Innai, Chuo-ku Chiba-shi, Chiba
Access: 10-mins walk from JR Sobu Line Chiba Station

Suwa Jinja Reisai(諏訪神社例祭)

This Reisai(例祭) for the guardian deity known as "Osuwa-sama(おすわ様)", is a regular festival when people pray for good harvest since ancient times. The festival-eve vigil(夜宮) is held on the 22th of August every year, featuring fair stalls and carrying of portable shrines. The ceremony(大祭式) would be performed on the next day(23th of August)

Date: 8/22(Tues.)~23(Wed.)
Location: Suwa Shrine(諏訪神社) / 655, Komagi, Nagareyama-shi, Chiba
Access: 5-mins walk from Tobu Urban Park Line Toyoshiki Station
Fee: free

The Floating Lanterns on Minatogawa(湊川灯籠流し)

This local tradition has been held since Showa 61(1986). The festival features the scenery of 500 wooden lanterns decorating the surface of the river. Also, there would be Buddhist Pilgrims' hymn, fair stalls, Bon Odori(Bon dance), and fireworks.
For those who are not local citizens, you could buy lantern kits and join the floating lantern ceremony as well.

Date: 8/14(Mon.)
Location: Minatogawa(Minato River)/Futtu City Minato~Kaira
Access: JR Uchibo Line Kazusaminato Station

48,000 Days(四万八千日)

The festival day is held on 9th of August every year. The guardian deity gives blessings of life extension, labor, children care, and protection from evil. It is said that if you visit Ryusho-in Temple(龍正院)on the night festival and pray, the blessings would be extended to 48,000 days. The temple would be crowded with people on that day. Especially for the households who perform their first Obon after the death of family members, they would ask Kannon(観音様) and Jizo(地蔵様) for blessings early in the day.

Date: 8/9(Wed.) 8:00~22:00
Location: Ryusho-in Temple(龍正院) / 1196, Namegawa, Narita-shi, Chiba
Access: 18-mins walk from JR Narita Line Namegawa Station