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Explore Narita with a "Narita-Kaiun Pass"!

A great chance to see the area for those with extra time during their layover at Narita Airport.We would like to introduce the "Narita-Kaiun Pass" discount pass for the Keisei Railway.

A great deal! The "Narita-Kaiun Pass" includes round-trip fare from Narita Airport to Keisei Narita Station, and offers discounts as well as special gifts at participating stores and locations.
Fare: Narita Airport to Keisei Narita Station 480 JPY


This time we used the ticket to get discounts on gifts and food around Shinshoji Temple.




We got off the train here, at Keisei Narita Station.



First some Sushi!

With an exclusive lunch menu, we recommend this place to anyone who can arrive before 14:30.  A short 2 minutes from Keisei Narita Station, you can find the delicious "成田江戸っ子寿司 開運ビル(NARITA EDOKKOZUSHI)." The sushi restaurant is a popular destination for locals and offers both table and counter seating.

The picture shows the 1600 JPY(Tax not included) Nigiri Sushi Set with salad and miso soup. The menu is filled with pictures making it easy to point out what you would like. There is also a variety of items not pictured, making for a large variety to choose from.

 "Narita-Kaiun Pass" Discount
Free Gelatin or Glass of Oolong Tea  
Period of Use:1/10~12/28




Narita, famous for its many Unagi Eel restaurants 

There are many places to enjoy Unagi Eel in Narita, but here you can use your  "Narita-Kaiun Pass" Discount when purchasing one of their Unagi Eel sets during normal operating hours.

"Narita-Kaiun Pass" Discount
One free serving of Eel Soup
Period of Use:Throughout the year



From Narita's pasture, a tourist farm, comes a delicious ice cream made from fresh milk and homemade whey. This is the strawberry ice cream, but there is also milk chocolate gelato.

"Narita-Kaiun Pass" Discount
Ice Cream 380 JPY →330 JPY (Incl. tax)
Period of Use:2/1〜12/28



Grilled Dango for 350 JPY. A popular treat, many people stop and watch as the dango are being made. With a variety of different sauces to choose from, including pumpkin, you are sure to find a flavor you like.

"Narita-Kaiun Pass" Discount
50 yen off purchases of 500 JPY or more
Period of Use:Throughout the year



Suggested gifts from Narita

おみやげ処 しばらく(SHIBARAKU)
Daruma and Waving Cats are symbols of good luck in Japan and this store is full of them. The picture shows a cat signaling for monetary good fortune. There's also a small cat for good health and a large cat for financial luck.

"Narita-Kaiun Pass" Discount
5% OFF
Period of Use:Throughout the year



The store is filled with a variety of signature chopsticks, you can even engrave them with a name. There are also many different chopstick stands to choose from, including the popular Shuriken and ninja series.

"Narita-Kaiun Pass" Discount
Receive a wooden chopstick stand as a gift with the purchase of 1000 JPY or more.
Period of Use:1/2~ Until Supplies Last

What do you think? There ate many more stores with great deals like these. This time we were only able to introduce a few. Even if you only have 3 hours, it's a great place to grab a bite. Be sure to check out our other articles. We hope to make your travel experience even better!

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