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Daffodil Trail

The time for daffodil viewing is between late December and early February, during this time mid-January is especially nice. Delight in the fragrance of about 50,000 daffodils while walking the trail.

Dates:Late December ~ Early February

Tourist Information Wrap Up in August

When it comes to mid-August, Japanese celebrates the annual Buddhist event, Obon(お盆), to commemorate the spirits and ancestors. Nowadays, Obon has evolved into a family reunion day, and the "Bon Odori (Bon dance)", one of the most iconic tradition during Obon, is a joyful event which everyone is welcomed. On top of that, there would be dazzling fireworks in many of the summer events! Be sure to check out these summer events when you visit Chiba, Japan!

26th Omigawa Hannari Market(第26回小見川はんなり市)

When the summer night has come, Omigawa Honcho Rd.(小見川本町通り)is transformed into The Pedestrians' Paradise, and introduced with a row of "Ichi(market)" consist of local stores and merchants. There would be Attractions that citizens can participate as well. Under the theme of "Amusement", "Technique", "Art", and "Food", this events encourage people to enjoy the activities together.

Date: 8/26(Sat.)
Location: Honcho Rd.(本町通り)
Access: 10-mins walk from JR Narita Line Omigawa Station

SAKAE Riverside Festival  Sakae's hot summer has arrived!

Sakae's summer festival introduces exciting programs that you're either able to watch or try it by yourself.
In "Dance Collection in SAKAE", we invites prominent judges to the outdoor dance contest.
You could also try "Marine Jet" activities such as riding jet skies and ranger boats on Tonegawa(Tone River).
The "Fireworks Event" features powerful fireworks show right in front of you.
※4,000 fireworks go off within 40 mins (expected)
The summer events is based on the three events above.
Also, there would be game activities on the bank area, candle nights, and the essence of a festival, refreshment booths.

Date: 8/19(Sat.) 13:00~ ※The event may be rescheduled to 8/20(Sun.) due to bad weather.
Location: Tonegawa(Tone River) riverside special venue
Fee: Free
Access: 10-mins shuttle bus ride from JR Narita Line Ajiki Station
URL: (since 6/1)

Narita Mountain Gorei Matsuri(成田山みたま祭)

The Bon Odori(Bon dance) at Narita Mountain Gorei Matsuri has been practiced since ancient times, and it has become the events for the citizens. People are willing to participate in Bon Odori circle, including religious women party, children in Yukata, and foreigners, all dancing to the music. The event has always been crowded with numerous tourists due to its huge popularity. Everyone is welcomed to participate and enjoy the summer night.

Date: 8/23(Wed.), 24(Thurs.) 19:00~21:30
Location: Kokeikai Tamachi Parking Lot / 331-1, Tamachi, Narita-shi, Chiba
Access: 15-mins walk from Keisei Main Line Narita Station or JR Narita Station

Narita Furusato Matsuri(成田ふるさとまつり)

This event is held to encourage community bond within the Narita New Town neighborhood, and to promote the regional development. It features brass band performances from local middle schools, and events held by group members. Also, the residents' association and neighborhood association introduces a row of various refreshment booths, while portable shrines and floats parade through the street with music playing. It is surely an exciting event!
Date: 8/19(Sat.), 20(Sun.) (8/18 is the eve of the event)
Nishiguchi Rd. "in front of Keiyo Bank ~ in front of BonBelta"【omatsuri Rd. (The Pedestrians' Paradise)】
Area's center plaza, BonBelta's up floor plaza【the venue】
Access: 20-mins walk from Keisei Main Line Narita Station or JR Narita Station

Futtsu Furusato Matsuri(富津ふるさとまつり)

Events are held at the dancing plaza. Starting from 16:00 is the events of kindergarten and elementary students, and later on when the time comes to 19:30, a party of 2,000 performers consist of companies, local store, and social welfare services, would start dancing to the Futtsu Dance Song(富津音頭/ Futtsu Ondo).
Date: 8/16(Wed.)
Location: in front of the road of Aohori Station(青堀駅前通り)/ Ohori, Futtsu-shi, Chiba
Access: JR Uchibo Line Aohori Station

Shimofusa Furusato Summer Night Festival(下総ふるさと納涼まつり)

Encouraging community bond in the locals, the " Shimofusa Furusato Summer Night Festival" introduces numerous events, including Mascot Show, stage events, taiko performances, and even offers luxurious giveaways at the raffle draw. Also, there would be Bon Odori(Bon dance) and refreshment booths.

Date: 8/16(Wed.) 15:00~21:00
Location: Shimofusa Sports Park(下総運動公園)/ 1435, Takaoka, Narita-shi, Chiba
Access: 13-mins walk from JR Narita Line Namegawa Station