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Monthly Event Information

Apply Now! Drag net fishing and BBQ!!


Drag in your catch and an enjoy a seafood BBQ. Great for kids and adults! Fish soup will also be served.
*Bring your own food and drinks

2018 Event Dates
-24 of September
-14、28 of October
*9/24 only for guests who stayed the night before at Iwai Minshuku
*Event may be canceled due to weather, cancelation decided the previous day at 18:00.
Time: 7:40〜9:30
Place: Iwai Beach

Drag net and BBQ Participation Fee
Adult: 3000 JPY (Tax Included)
Children (Age 3 to Elementary School): 1500 JPY (Tax Included)

Train: JR Iwai Station 
Foot:13 minutes  from Iwai Station
Car:5 minutes  from Iwai Station

Same day Participation (Reservation Required)
Minamiboso Tourism Association via email (English))

Suggested Accommodations
Sunset Beach Inn KAWANA

March Chiba Event Information

Cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom in each area. This is an introduction to area access and tourism facilities.

Shiba-zakura Festival (Tokyo German Village)Facing the 10th anniversary this year, 250 thousand Shiba-zakura will be in full bloom to welcome guests. Take in the beauty of the surrounding pink, white, and purple flowers.

Date: late-March to late-April
Admission: Adults 800JPY/ Children (Age 4 to Elementary School) 400 JPY/ Parking Separate 1000 JPY

Cherry Blossom Information

Narita City Sakura no YamaView the airplanes take off and land from underneath the flowers on a small hill along the north end of Narita Airport’s 4000m runway.

□ Date: late-March to early-April
□ Scale: About 300 trees (Varieties: Someiyoshino, Yamazakura, Shidarezakura, Kannhizakura)

Naritasan Park (Narita City)
A large 165,000㎡ garden making use of the hilly area behind Shinsho-ji Temple’s main hall.

□ Date: late-March to early-April
□ Scale: About 350 trees (Varieties: Someiyoshino, Shidarezakura, Kawazuzakura)


Katori Shrine (Katori City)From April 1st to the 15th, the road approaching the shine will be fully decorated, from 18:00~23:00 (scheduled) the area will be illuminated.

□ Date: late-April
□ Scale: About 700 trees (Varieties: Someiyoshino, Oshimazakura, etc.)

Tateyama Park (Tateyama City)
Tateyama Castle is located at the top of Shiroyama Park, which also offers great views of the city.

□ Date: late-February to late-April
□ Scale: About 500 trees (Varieties: Kawaduzakura 17 trees (late-February), Kanhizakura 15 trees (mid-March), Someiyoshino about 370 trees (late-March to early-April), Yazakura 34 trees (mid to late-April), Others about 50 trees (mid to late-March))

Awa Shrine (Tateyama City)A tunnel of cherry blossoms from the main gate to the main hall.

□ Date: mid-March to mid-April
□ Scale: About 200 trees(Varieties: Someiyoshino (late-March to early-April), Higanzakura (mid-March), Yaezakura (mid-April), Oshimazakura(late March))


 Uchiurayama Kenmin no Mori□ Date: late-March to late-April
□ Scale: About 500 trees(Varieties: Mamezakura, Yamazakura, Someiyoshino, Yaezakura)

Kominato Tetsudo Railway, Tsukiszaki Stn. and Surrounding Area
View the cherry blossoms that grow along the Kominato Tetsudo Railway and around Tsukizaki Station. The area is also a popular viewing spot for Nanohana Flowers.

□ Date: late-March to early-April
□ Scale: About 40 trees(Varieties: Someiyoshino)


Kominato Tetsudo Railway, Itabu Stn. and Surrounding AreaThe cherry blossoms along the Kominato Tetsudo Railway grow so close it looks like they are on the tracks. The area is also a popular viewing spot for Nanohana Flowers. 

□ Date: late-March to early-April
□ Scale: About 20 trees(Varieties: Someiyoshino, Oshimazakura,)


Kominato Tetsudo Railway, Satomi Stn. and Surrounding AreaAbout a 5 minute walk from Satomi station is a small hill with a large cherry blossom tree. The tree is a popular location for photographers each year.

□ Date: late-March to early-April
□ Scale: About 20 trees(Varieties: Oshimazakura,)

Strawberry picking is going on now as well. Enjoy the flowers along with the tastes of the season.