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Traveling with the Hong Kong TV Broadcast crew on location for a Chiba Travel Program

After arriving at Narita Airport, the crew filmed on location for 7 days and 6 nights.

The crew was joined by 4 Hong Kong television personalities. Including our 2 interpreters, there were 6 people total. (The above photo is of unrelated parties)

Before the crew arrived in Japan, many schedule changes almost lead us to giving up on the visit, but I am glad that was not the case. After spending time living and sharing meals with the crew for several days, we were able to re-experience Chiba tourism through their eyes. I myself was also able to gain some new insight. The Japan tourism that we see as Japanese and the appeal of Japan tourism that foreigners see is quite different. That was just one of the things that the crew taught me, and I definitelyfeel it changed my perspective.

Outside of work, I was also very interested in learning about their way of life andtheir perspectives. We talked about many things including how, just like in Japan, it is difficult for women to have a good work-life balance in Hong Kong.You might call it globalization, but even though there was a language gap, that gap disappeared due to our shared concerns for women.

As we saw them off on their way back home, I could not help but be glad that we were able to work together with the cooperation of the facilities in Japan. I am very grateful for the collaboration of both parties.

The broadcast will air in December. I am excited to see how things come together.

Thailand Travel Fair Exhibition

This year at the Visit Japan F.I.T. Travel Fair 2017, we had a booth, LOVE CHIBA, on display as we highlighted Chiba tourism.

This time we traveled to Bangkok after promoting the Tokun and Nabedana Breweries as well as Chiba Sake at Sakelism in Taiwan, which made for quite a long business trip.

Not able to overcome the language barrier even with the taxi, we reserved a shuttle bus. A comparatively high price, but it is hard to compare with the ease of mind that it gave us. From Suvarnabhumi International Airport to the hotel, it cost us about 6000 JPY.

After a long trip, it was nice to find that the hotel room had its own mini kitchen. The low price and spaciousness of the room was also great. They even had a paid laundry area.

Here was our accommodations.
Baan K Managed By Bliston

We then had the 3 day travel fair. Last year there were 600 thousand attendees, and this year many people came to see as well. Since Siam Paragon is on par with other high-class facilities, there were many affluent Thai people who have spent a lot of money in Japan. The average salary has also grown to be on level with Japan. (Results from our survey)

Thanks to the help of the staff, we were also able to try many delicious foods.

Restaurants mainly spoke in English, and were friendly. Not to mention cheap!

There also seemed to be many American and European tourists.

We now look forward to next year February in Thailand. Next time we will headto Chiang Mai for business discussions. Chiang Mai, here we come!