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Fried Golden Mackerel!

After two weeks of a typhoon rolling through, blue skies finally returned.

A short distance away from Chiba’s Kazusaminato Station is the sake brewery Wakura. Sake preparation begins in November, but before that, we headed over to greet them. The head of the brewery recommended the place we had lunch.
A favorite among fishermen we planned to have Takeoka Ramen near Takeoka Station, but instead went to Murutoshi which serves coastal cuisine.

Caught in Chiba, the “Golden Mackerel” with speckles of gold coloring is a sought after delicacy. The reason is, this type of mackerel is only found where food is plentiful and thus has a larger build of delicious fats!

A set including the fried mackerel and 5 types of sashimi is 1800 JPY. The fresh sashimi and perfectly crispy mackerel makes for an excellent meal! For a region surround by the ocean, it is no wonder they pull in such fresh seafood.

Definitely try visiting and getting a taste of the region for yourself!