GOLDEN WEEK (National holidays in Japan)

Golden Week is a collection of national holidays.
This year, it starts from April 27th and ends on May 5th and many people want to travel.
Wherever you go, it's very crowded during Golden Week.

Cold Weather is Here

October is already half over. With the recent Typhoons the weather hasn't been so great.

As the weather gets colder, don't forget to pack warmer clothes for your trip to Japan.

The plum rain season has ended

The plum rain season in Japan has ended. In Tokyo, the temperature rises to 30°C, while in Osaka it's 34~35°C. A few days ago, a friend of my acquaintance, who comes from Thailand, even said that the weather here "is super hot". Please make sure to stay hydrated and maintain your health during your exciting trip to Japan!

Thank you for your participation in 2017 ITE in Hong Kong!

Recently, we've attended 2017 ITE in Hong Kong. It is glad to see everyone visiting our booth during the exhibition. As for future plans, it is possible that we would be attending next year's ITE in Hong Kong.

Sadly to say, during the business trip in Hong Kong, we didn't have the opportunity to go site-seeing or enjoy local cuisines. Therefore, any kinds of recommendation for local cuisines or tourist spots are welcomed.

We would be updating more information about Chiba's tourism. Please stay tuned for more information.