【CHIBA FUTTSU・Dude ranch】


Summer Fruit-Picking Information

■Blueberry Picking■

Mother Farm has nearly 2000 blueberry bushes! The delicious berry make for a great gift as well!

◆Date◆ 7/22(Sat)~8/31(Thurs)
◆Time◆ 9:00~ ※Only the first 200 people per day

◆Place◆ Fruit Farm

◆Fee◆ 200 JPY to enter plus 200 JPY/100g of blueberries

(Example: Entrance plus 300g of Blueberries is 800 JPY)

※Depending on field conditions, picking times and number of guests allowed to enter may change.

※This is not an all-you-can-eat event.

※May be canceled due to weather.

■Blueberry Jam Making■

Try making jam with your freshly picked blueberries.

◆Date◆ 7/22(Sat)~8/31(Thurs)
◆Time◆ 9:00~16:00
◆Place◆ Fruit Farm

◆Fee◆ 300 JPY (covers Sugar and Jar)

※An additional 600 JPY is required for those who didn't pick fruit.