【outside of Tokyo / Kimitsu Sta. / Dude ranch】

June event

Little Lambs' First Solo Grazing

Since the beginning of spring, the newborn lambs have been maturing quickly into fluffy sheep.

The lambs have grown enough to sperate from their mother, and are ready to brave the fields for their first grazing without mom. Enjoy the outdoors while watching the lambs bustle about in their first solo outing.♪

【 Dates 】 6/1 (Sat)~6/30 (Sun) Weekends Only
【 Place 】 Midori no Hiroba
【 Time 】 1) 9:30~ 2) 16:15~ (Each about 20 min)
【 Fee 】 FREE
*No dogs allowed.
*Canceled in case of rain.

New Event! Photo Studio with the Makiba White Rabbits

Take your picture with the big and fluffy Jumbo White Rabbits♪

It's almost like entering into the world of "Alice in Wonderland." ♡ Dress in a necktie and meet the jumbo rabbits for a unique photo shoot (please provide your own 

【 Dates 】 6/8 (Sat)~6/30 (Sun)
【 Place 】 Multipurpose Hall
【 Time 】 1) 11:30~ 2) 14:00~ (Each about 20 min)
*Time 1 on weekends only.
【 Fee 】 FREE
*No dogs allowed.

A Piglet Race that Adults can join!

The popular piglet race is back, and this time adults can join in the fun! This race is for anyone middle school age and older, no upper age limit!! Don't miss this chance to act like a kid again, and join in the race!

【 Dates 】 6/1 (Sat)~6/30 (Sun) Weekends Only
【 Time 】 15:00 (last race)
【 Place 】 Kobuta Stadium
【 Fee 】 FREE to watch and participate, buy a mascot to place a vote on the winner for 500 yen
【 Capacity 】6 people
【 Target Age 】 Middle School and Older
*Canceled in case of rain.
*Participants will be decided by raffle. Tickets will be passed out starting from 14:45 at the Kobuta Stadium. Participants will be selected at the start of the event.
*Limit of 200 raffle tickets.

Great chance for a picture!!

The most beautiful bridge in Japan, for Goats... Check out the "Goat Crossing!"

In this goat themed show, learn about the special characteristics of goats as they take a stroll across the sky bridge with the scenic Kujukutani Mountains as a backdrop. Don't miss as the goats parade across the bridge, it's a great chance to get a picture that looks as if the goats are walking through the sky!

【 Dates 】 6/1 (Sat)~6/30 (Sun)
【 Place 】 Fureai Bokujo
【 Time 】 14:00~14:10
*Canceled in case of rain.