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Extended Event!

<Extended Event!>
■Dates: First year of Reiwa, May 1st (Holiday Wed) to May 31st (Fri)
■Time: From12:30 (About 15min) During the Grand Sheep March
■Place: Sheep Pasture
*Open everyday
*Closed if raining

<Both Characters “Rei” and “Wa” for Reiwa!>
The sheep were originally scheduled to write out the characters for Rei-wa one at a time.However, after some training, the sheep will now attempt to write both characters at the same time!

For this event:
1) The sheep will first write “Rei”

2) Then “Rei-Wa”

3) And end with “Wa”

The whole show (parts 1-3) will take about a minute to a minute and a half.

To pull off this complex feat, the shepherd, sheep-dog, and sheep must all work together in perfect unison.Come see this new challenge for the popular show that began in 2012.

Meet a Chibi(baby) Godzilla!

Chibi Godzilla at Mother Farm!
Dates: 4/27 〜5/6, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26

Chibi Godzilla, what's that!?
In celebration of Godzilla's 65th anniversary, check out this brand new character for 2019. From the creator of the "Suica Penguin" and Chiba Prefecture's mascot "CHI-BA+KUN," Sakazaki Chiharu, comes a Godzilla character for everyone. Chibi Godzilla was created in the hopes to spreads Godzilla's unique charm to new fans and children!

Picture Book Reading
Dates: Everyday 4/27 〜5/6, Followed by 5/11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26
Location: Multipurpose Hall
Sessions: 5-6 times per day

Take your photo with a tiny Godzilla!
Dates: 4/27 〜5/6, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26
Location: Special Venue outside the Agridome
Time: 12:25〜/14:25〜


Special Event

For two days only, on 4/30 and 5/1, Chiba Prefecture's mascot "CHI-BA+KUN" will pay us a visit! Don't miss your chance to meet CHI-BA+KUN.

Born in the Year of the Boar? Try Bungee Jumping dressed as one!

We are looking for those born in the Year of the Boar!
If you were, you can get a discount on bungee jumping.
For those who would like, Mother Farm has prepared a special boar costume you can wear while taking the big leap.

【Dates】 1/1 (Tues/Holiday)~1/31 (Thurs)
【Target Audience】 Those born in the year of the Boar
【Fee】Bungee Jump Normally 2,000 JPY ⇒ 1,500 JPY

*Please provide proof of birth date.
*May be closed due to weather.
*Must be between elementary school age and 65, weight must be between 38kg and 110kg.

Start the New Year with a Bungee Jump!

The origins of bungee jumping began on the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu on the Island of Pentecost as a coming-of-age ceremony called “N’Gol.”
Following that tradition, bungee jumping will be free at Mother Farm for those celebrating their coming-of-age this year (turning 20 years old). Take the thrilling leap into adulthood!

【Dates】1/1 (Tues/Holiday)~1/6 (Sun)/1/12 (Sat)~14 (/・祝)
【Target Audience】 Those turning 20 in 2019
【Fee】Bungee Jump Normally 2,000 JPY ⇒ FREE
*Please provide proof of birth date.
*May be closed due to weather.

*Weight must be between 38kg and 110kg.
*For safety reasons, participants under the influence of alcohol will be turned away.

Lucky New Year's Event

Try your luck while horseback riding!

If the horse your riding goes to the bathroom, you can win a “good luck charm” or a “feeding ticket” ♪ Number 1 means “Slightly good luck,” Number 2 means “Excellent luck!”

【Dates】 1/1 (Tues/Holiday)~1/ 31 (Thurs)
【Time】 Weekdays 10:30~15:30
Weekends and Holidays 10:00~16:00
【Place】 Horse Pasture
【Fee】 Varies per each Horse-riding Course (Draft horse 1 loop 500 JPY)
*Must weigh under 90kg.
*Please refrain if pregnant or when consuming alcohol.
*May be canceled due to weather.

"Wild Boar!?" Race

The piglets from the popular Mother Farm event, "Piglet Races," are now wild boar!? Race to cross the finish with piglets, who are now disguised as "wild board." ♪ Pick up a mascot and place your vote for who will cross the finish first. Winners will receive a special New Year's present!!

【Dates】 1/1 (Tues/Holiday)~1/6 (Sun)
1/12 (Sat)~1/14 (Mon/Holiday)
【Time】 1)11:00 2)13:00 (each session about 15 min)
【Place】 Piglet Stadium
【Fees】 Free
【Fees】 Free to Attend /500 JPY for a mascot
*Canceled in the case of rain.
*Participants are selected via lottery before the event.
*Schedule may change depending on the animals' conditions.

Fortune Teller Pony

Using a specially made die, our pony will tell you if you will have excellent, average, slightly good, or bad luck!
Watch as the pony adorably rolls the die♪ Depending on their luck, participants can also receive a gift!

【Dates】 12/29 (Sat)~1/6 (Sun) 【Time】 12:00~13:00
【Place】 In front of the Agridome
【Fees】 Free
Excellent Luck: 1 cup of feeding carrots
Average Luck: Coupon for extra feed 
Slightly Lucky: one time use extra feed ticket
Bad Luck: mention at the Horse Pasture

*May be closed due to animal conditions.
*Canceled in the case of rain.

Grand Sheep Parade ~Year of the Boar~

Mother Farm's Special Event, the "Grand Sheep Parade" is back, and this year the sheep will be working together to write out the Chinese character for "Boar" in the pasture.
About 150 sheep work in miraculous combination with the sheepdogs to write out the giant character. You won't want to miss this brilliant display of cooperation between human and animal.

【Dates】 12/29 (Sat)~1/6 (Sun)
1/12 (Sat)~1/14 (Mon/Holiday)
【Time】 12:30 (About 15 min)
【Place】 Sheep Pasture
【Fees】 Free
*Canceled in the case of rain.
*No dogs allowed.

Fruit Tomato Picking

At Mother Farm’s tomato picking, you can choose from 5 varieties of mini tomatoes including Aiko, Yellow Aiko, Cindy Sweet, Tuscan Violet, and Piccolo Canaria (orange tomato). There is a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can pick as many as you like.

【Dates】 Mid December to Late May *Closed Wednesdays
【Time】 Weekends and Holidays 9:30~(From February 9:00~) Weekdays 13:00~14:00
【Place】 Fruit Farm (East)
【Fees】100 JPY per person and 150 JPY per 100g
(Ex: 300g of strawberries is 550 JPY)
*Event hours may changed based on crop conditions.
*First come basis/ Will close based on field conditions.
*Not all you can eat.

Warm Events Wool Park

The fluffy and warm fur of sheep, wool, is used in many aspects of our daily lives including our clothing. Visit the "Wool Park" to learn about the process of collecting wool, try hands on projects using wool, and take a dip in the "Wool Pool."

Experience the fun of learning while warming up in this indoor exhibit♡

【Dates】 12/8 (Sat)~1/27 (Sun)
【Time】 <Wool Park Hours>
Weekdays 12:00~15:30 /Weekends and Holidays 11:30~15:30
<Sheep and Wool Craft Hours>
Weekdays 12:00~14:00 /Weekends and Holidays 11:30~14:00
【Place】 Multipurpose Hall
【Fees】 Free Entry *Wool Craft fees separate
【Target Audience】 All Ages *Age requirements for Wool Crafts differ by project
*Dogs are not allowed during the hours when sheep are present and when the venue is crowded
*Young children must be accompanied by an adult for wool crafts.