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Winter Fest Opens Soon!

Next year is the “Year of the Dog,” and this winter Mother Farm will be focusing on our sheep dogs with a ton of shows with the Makiba Animals. There will be all sorts of events to enjoy such as commemorative photo shoots with the sheep dogs, sheep dog challenges, the “Great Sheep March– Year of the Dog Edition” (our annual event in which 150 sheep line-up to form Chinese characters in the field), as well as horseback riding, events for good luck, and much more!

(An image of rapeseed blossoms. Rapeseed blossoms: mid-February~mid-April  )

As usual, early spring flowers such as “daffodils” and “rapeseed blossoms,” as well as “fruit tomato” and “strawberry” picking will also be available to enjoy♪So warm up with one of our many events, this winter at Mother Farm.

(An image of daffodils. Daffodils: until mid-February  )

Dates: 2017/12/9 – 2018/1/28

●The Sheep Dogs Join In!
Winter Animal Events

(An image of "The Great Sheep March")

(An image of "Fortune Pony")

Next year is the Year of the Dog and we have a ton of great events including a pony fortuneteller, a sheep marching event where 150 sheep line-up to form Chinese characters in the field, and many more events with our sheep dogs!
★Details Here
Try Sheep Herding! A showdown with the Sheep Dogs!
Farm Photo Study – Say Cheese with the Sheep Dogs
The Great Sheep March
Try your luck while horseback riding?!
Fortune Pony

●Start the year off with a magnificent leap!

Why not start of the New Year with a special bungee jump?
Free for a limited time for people of a certain age!
Born in the Year of the Dog?! Try Bungee Jumping dressed as a dog!
Bungee Jump in Costume!

●See, feel, and Taste!

Without delay, two new chances for fruit picking.

The popular “strawberry picking” and “fruit tomato picking” are back! Be sure to get yours through early spring.

・Strawberry Picking:  mid-January~end of May
・Fruit Tomato Picking: end of December~end of May

●Christmas at Mother Farm

“Reindeer Sheep” & Craft Events

The adorable “Reindeer Sheep” make their appearance once again! There are also a variety of Christmas themed craft events♪
"Reindeer Sheep" and Santa Make Their Appearance
Gel Candle Making
X'mas Mini Rare Cheese Cake Making