Rules of the Ship

  • While onboard, obey the captain’s orders. Those who cannot follow the rules of the ship will be removed. Additionally, please be cautious not to bother others while onboard. In upholding these rules, we hope everyone has an enjoyable experience.
  • Do not litter in the port or on the water. Please throw out your trash in the bin below deck.
  • If this is your first time on a boat, we suggest taking something for motion sickness.
  • To prevent dehydration, please bring something to drink.
  • Where clothes that are easy to move in. The ride made be colder than you expect. Also, be prepared to get wet if water splashes on deck.
  • Please wear waterproof boots. (If your sandals may get wet, you may also choose to wear them. However, they should have a good grip on wet surfaces.)
  • We hope to catch many fish, but please be aware when working with nature the outcome is unpredictable. There are cases when we do not catch any fish.
  • Departure may be canceled due to inclement weather.
  • In the cases of a quick change in weather or engine trouble, the ship may need to immediately return to port.
  • It is required that you wear a lifejacket. The captain will incur fines if this rule is broken. Not only that but this measure is meant to protect you and those around you. Please wear the lifejacket throughout your time onboard.
  • The consumption of alcohol onboard is prohibited. Additionally, those with signs of inebriation will be denied service as an accident prevention measure.
  • To prevent an accident, please do not sit on the sides of the ship.
  • Injuries may result from sudden shaking while the ship is in motion. To prevent this, please keep low while moving around inside the ship.
  • The unisex toilet is located at the front of the ship, a urinal can be found at the back. Please confirm before departing.
  • If you are feeling motion sickness, please notify the staff or captain. There is a rest area for you to lie down. You may also lie down at your seat. If you need to throw up, please do so in the water or on the deck of the ship. Do not use the bathrooms as it may create a long wait for others. Furthermore, please avoid throwing up in the rest area, a bucket will be placed onboard for emergencies.
  • Before boarding, be sure to fill out your emergency contact information.
  • If you would like to bring fish home with you, please prepare a cooler. Styrofoam coolers are available for purchase, but the amount is limited.
  • Injury may result from poisonous fish, sharp teeth, or barbs. To avoid such injury, please avoid touching fish you are unfamiliar with.
  • If you would like the fish cooked for you, please consult your accommodation. Many accommodations are willing to prepare the fish in exchange for compensation. Please be aware that your accommodation may not be able to prepare your fish depending on their schedule and the type of fish.


Port of Kamogawa  Daisan Shinsei Godomaru  Captain Ito Honda