Kamogawa Sea World


Japan First. Birth of an Artificially Inseminated Pacific White-Sided dolphin

“Diana,” a pacific white-sided dolphin, was born without complication at Kamogawa Sea World on May 29th, 2019.
This was the first successful artificial insemination of a pacific white-sided dolphin in Japan.

Hours after being born, it is common for infant dolphins to start drinking their mother’s milk. However, the infant was having difficulties and required artificial feeding. Every three hours, breeding staff would harvest milk and deliver it to the infant using a catheter.

Born a length of 106cm and weight of 13.5kg, the dolphin has already grown to 112cm and 18.3kg with stable nursing.

In the past, Kamogawa Sea World has also artificially inseminated bottle nose dolphins.

There are hopes to further promote breeding in the future.