【around Narita airport / SAWARA Sta. / Boat Tour 】


Have you heard about Kotatsu?

Until next March, we will have a Kotatsu aboard the tour boat (campaign concludes when the weather warms up).

・What’s a Kotatsu?
A kotatsu is an electric heater built into a table with a quilt that hangs over it to retain the heat.

The boat tour offers a 30min journey. Do not miss this special seasonal opportunity to ride the Kotatsu Tour Boat.

We recommend the historic township of wintertime Sawara.

Little Edo Sawara Boat Tour (Townscape Course) 30 min
・Adults (Age 13 plus) Standard Price 1300 JPY
・Children (Age 7-13) Standard Price 700 JPY 
・Children (under 6) FREE