【CHIBA FUTTSU・Dude ranch】


Genghis Khan Mutton and Fireworks

Grab a space at the 1000 seat restaurant, “Genghis Khan Gardens,” and take in the wide expanse of sky as it erupts with beautiful colors.
(*Last order is 30 minutes before the park closes)

Night Theme Park

Set the mood with the illuminated "Waku-Waku Land."

Ride the sparkling marry-go-round, explore the -30°C lands of "Ice World," and walk through the sky on the "Cycling Monorail."

If the weather is good, we suggest checking out the Ferris wheel for great views of night-time Tokyo Bay. There is plenty of fun for the whole family to enjoy. 

★☆Star Party☆★
In cooperation with the optics company Vixen, last year's summer and winter "Star Party" is back for four days only! Make an original telescope in the afternoon and, following the advice of an expert, use it to view the stars in the evening♪ Not only that, but there will also be a chance to view fireworks through the telescope.

【Date】 7/28(Sat), 29(Sun), 8/4(Sat), 5(Sun)

【Time】 Afternoon 13:00~17:00, Evening 18:30~21:00

【Place】 Mountaintop Area around the Agrodome

【Fee】 Free


※May be canceled due to weather.
※In the case of rain, there will be an talk about the night sky in the Agrodome.

Makiba Mini-Stage

An exhilarating Japanese Taiko Drum performance. Enjoy while lounging in the prairie.

【Date】7/28(Sat), 29(Sun), 8/4(Sat), 5(Sun), 11(Sat)~15(Wed), 18(Sat), 19(Sun), 25(Sat), 26(Sun), 9/1(Sat), 9/2 (Sun)

【Time】 19:00 (about 30min)

【Place】Makiba Hiroba

【Fee】 Free

※Program may change depending on the day.
※May be canceled due to weather.

Bunny and Guinea Pig Petting

These adorable little animals will melt your heart as you pet their fluffy and soft fur!

【Date】7/28(Sat), 29(Sun), 8/4(Sat), 5(Sun), 11(Sat)~15(Wed), 18(Sat), 19(Sun), 25(Sat), 26(Sun), 9/1(Sat), 9/2 (Sun)

【Time】 18:00~19:00
【Place】 Usamoru House
【Fee】 Free

Piglet Races

Special evening event, our popular "Piglet Races!" 

Watch as the little athletes race their piglet round and around the track as they race to the finish.

(Athletes selected by lottery.  Lottery tickets are distributed 15min before the race.)

【Date】 7/28(Sat), 29(Sun), 8/4(Sat), 5(Sun), 11(Sat)~15(Wed), 18(Sat), 19(Sun), 25(Sat), 26(Sun), 9/1(Sat), 9/2 (Sun)

【Time】 16:30 (about 15min)

【Place】 Piglet Stadium

【Fee】 Free

※May be canceled due to weather.

Great Sheep Parade ~ Summer Evening Version

Usually on break to escape the July and August heat, the sheep will gather in the cool evening temperature for a special performance of the Great Sheep Parade.

It is an excellent chance to see the sheep up close♪


【Date】 7/28(Sat), 29(Sun), 8/4(Sat), 5(Sun), 11(Sat)~15(Wed), 18(Sat), 19(sun), 25(Sat), 26(Sun), 9/1(Sat), 9/2 (Sun)

【Time】 19:00 (About 10min)

【Place】Sheep Pasture

 ※May be canceled due to weather.
※No dogs allowed.

Fireworks Shows

The fireworks show will take place in the center of the park, so there will be many great places to view the show.

Enjoy the show while you cool off in the pasture or while you are enjoying a meal of our Genghis Khan Mutton.

【Date】 7/28(Sat), 29(Sun), 8/4(Sat), 5(Sun), 11(Sat)~15(Wed), 18(Sat), 19(Sun), 25(Sat), 26(Sun), 9/1(Sat), 9/2 (Sun)

【Time】 19:50 (About 15min)

 ※May be canceled due to weather.

Summer Night Farm

Join us for our annual "Summer Night Farm."

This year on weekends from 7/28(Sat)~9/2(Sun), 15 days total!

Relax with the refreshing evening summer breeze from atop Kanozan Mountain at Mother Farm. In the park, enjoy the park illumination, various shows and attractions, and our Genghis Khan mutton cuisine.

Usually on break in July and August, you can catch a special performance of the Great Sheep Parade in the evenings♪

Off course there will also be a plenty of fireworks!!

Two Big Picking Events in Spring

■Strawberry Picking■
Mother Farm’s strawberry picking is not all you can eat, but rather is priced by weight. We recommend it for visitors who do not want to worry about time or would like to bring small children who cannot eat very much★
Since you only pay for what you pick, the price is incredibly reasonable! After picking, enjoy your strawberries in the pasture where we have a break area complete with condensed milk for dipping.
The strawberries are grown in a 3 dimensional 7 layer tall hydroponics system. This way of growing means that facilities have large walkways with easy access to strawberries while standing or in a wheel chair.

◆Date◆1/13(Tentative)- Late May
*Closed on Tuesdays.
January・・・Weekends and Holidays 9:30~ (Weekdays 10:00~ )
February・・・Weekends and Holidays 9:00~ (Weekdays 9:30~)
◆Place◆ Fruit Farm

◆Fee◆ 200 JPY per person and 200 JPY per 100g
(Ex: 300g of strawberries is 800 JPY)
*First come basis/ Will close based on field conditions.
*Not all you can eat.


■Fruit Tomato Picking■
At Mother Farm’s tomato picking, you can choose from 5 varieties of mini tomatoes including Aiko, Yellow Aiko, Cindy Sweet, Tuscan Violet, and Piccolo Canaria (orange tomato). There is a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can pick as many as you like.

◆Date◆12/23(Holiday Saturday) – Late May
*Closed Wednesdays.
◆Time◆Weekends and Holidays 9:00~
*January 9:30~
        Weekdays 13:00~14:00
◆Place◆Fruit Farm (East Fields)

◆Fee◆100 JPY per person and 150 JPY per 100g
*First come basis/ Will close based on field conditions.
*Not all you can eat.

Spring Fest Meet the baby lambs!

■Grand Sheep March《“Love” written by Sheep》■

Special Valentine Event! At Mother Farm’s famous “Grand Sheep March,” the marching sheep move in such a way to write out different symbols. Spring is a time overflowing with hope, birth, and love, so the sheep will spread out across the pasture forming a heart. One lucky couple will also be able to enter the heart and profess their love!! In order to move the sheep around, perfect coordination between the shepherd and sheep dogs is needed. Come and see this display of exquisite coordination between man and animal.

●Date● 2/10(SAT)~18(SUN)
●Time● 12:30~(About 15 min)
●Place● Sheep Pasture

●Admission● FREE
*Canceled in the case of rain.
*No dogs allowed.


■A Lamb’s Story■

Spring is for the lambs as well as a time for new life. Watch as the newly born lambs grow, from their birth to when they separate from their mother. At first, they are inseparable from their mom, but not long after they can be seen frolicking with other lambs and grazing all by themselves. This day-to-day transition is what makes up the “Lamb’s Story” and it is about to begin.


■The Birth of a Lamb■
Baby lambs will start being born at the “Sheep Pasture,” the rush begins between February and March!! If you are lucky, you might just see one born with your own eyes!
◆Date◆ 2/3(SAT)~3/30(FRI)
◆Time◆ 10:30~16:00
◆Place◆ Sheep Pasture


★Hear from the Caregivers★

Each day after the “Grand Sheep March,” the animal caregivers introduce the sheep’s behaviors and characteristics. Back by popular demand is last year’s public weigh-in of the baby lambs in buckets. Don’t miss your chance to get an adorable photo!!
◆Date◆ 2/3(SAT)~18(SUN) Holiday Weekend
◆Time◆ 13:00~13:15

◆Place◆ Sheep Pasture

◆Admission◆ FREE

■Baby Lamb’s First Grazing■

It’s finally time to make their debut!
The adorable little lambs enjoy grazing with their mother.
It is their first time out in the world and they are full of excitement and anticipation! Some of the lambs make sure to stay close to mom, while others are more adventurous and explore. Don’t miss this chance to see the lambs during their first graze!

●Date● 2/17(SAT)~3/30(FRI)
●Time● 12:50~16:00

●Place● Sheep Pasture

●Admission● FREE
*No dogs allowed.
*Entering the pen is prohibited.
*Canceled in the case of rain.


■Raising Sheep■

At the end of the birthing season, it is time for mother sheep to turn their efforts to raising their little lambs. After spending a short amount of time as mother and child in the birthing pen, the pair are united with other mother and baby lambs to get used to living with the herd. Seeing other sheep for the first time, the lambs are overflowing with curiosity. Check out the lambs at play, teasing each other, throwing tantrums, and all.
◆Date◆ 3/31(SAT)~5/11(FRI)
◆Time◆ 10:30~16:00
◆Place◆ Sheep Pasture


■Meet Mother and Lamb for the First Time■

Mother and baby lamb leisurely graze in the newly greening pasture. Not only a great photo opportunity, but also a chance to meet the baby lambs! It is their first time meeting the guests, so be sure to approach slowly. Their wool is so soft and fluffy♪
●Date● 5/12(Sat)~27(SUN)

●Time● Grazing Time13:00~16:00
Meeting Time 1)13:15 2) 15:40 (Each 20 min)
●Place● Sheep Pasture
●Admission● FREE
*No dogs allowed.
*Canceled in the case of rain.


■Baby Lamb Photo Studio■

Don’t forget the camera! Here is your chance to get a picture with the adorably fluffy baby lambs.

◆Date◆ 2/24(SAT)~4/22(SUN)

◆Time◆ ①10:45  ②13:15  ③15:15
※Weekends ①・② Only. (Each about 30 min)

◆Place◆ Multipurpose Hall “Baby Lamb Photo Studio”
◆Admission◆ FREE
*Pictures will be taken with guests’ cameras.
*Participation may be limited due to animal conditions.