【outside of Tokyo / Kimitsu Sta. / Dude ranch】


Strawberry Picking

Mother Farm’s strawberry picking is not all you can eat, but rather is priced by weight. We recommend it for visitors who do not want to worry about time or would like to bring small children who cannot eat very much. Since you only pay for what you pick, the price is incredibly reasonable! After picking, enjoy your strawberries in the pasture where we have a break area complete with condensed milk for dipping.
The strawberries are grown in a 3 dimensional 7 layer tall hydroponics system. This way of growing means that facilities have large walkways with easy access to strawberries while standing or in a wheel chair.

【Dates】Mid-January~ Late May *Closed Tuesdays
【Time】 Weekends and Holidays 9:30~(From February 9:00~)
Weekdays 10:00~(From February 9:30~)
【Place】 Fruit Farm
【Fees】 200 JPY per person and 200 JPY per 100g
(Ex: 300g of strawberries is 800 JPY)
*Event hours may changed based on crop conditions.
*First come basis/ Will close based on field conditions.
*Not all you can eat.

【Available Varieties】 Beni Hoppe, Akihime, Moikko, Yayoi Hime
*Depending on crop conditions, all varieties may not be available