【outside of Tokyo / Kimitsu Sta. / Dude ranch】


Stunning Vista! A collaboration between the Tokyo Bay Skyline and our Illumination!

Starting from October 21st (Saturday), Mother Farm will be holding our 6th annual winter illumination, “Kira Kira Farm ~Tale of the Makiba Stars~.”

Since we began our illumination event in 2012, the main venue has always been the “Makiba Area.” However, this year we have changed the main area and the venue is even larger!! This year the event will be held in the “Mountain Top Area” where visitors can enjoy the Ferris wheel, carousel, and the Farm Diner which was newly opened in July for our 55thAnniversary.

In celebration of this year’s 55th Anniversary, the illumination will contain 550,000 lights! Hop on the Ferris wheel and enjoy the illuminated scenery from the air with someone special or visit the fields alongside the Farm Diner where our new attraction constellations featuring the farm animals will be on display! From the top of the “Farm Bungee,” take in all the lights.

In combination with the Tokyo Bay skyline, this will be a truly stunning vista!! Turn this sparkling night into a romantic evening with that special someone ♡

2017/10/21 (Sat) ~2018/1/8 (Holiday Monday) Every day except for Park Holidays
2018/1/13(Sat)~2018/2/25(Sun) Weekends and Holidays Only
(Park Holidays:2017/12/11~15, 2018/1/9~12, 16~18)

【Operating Hours】
*Light-up time may change depending on weather and sunset.
*Normal daily operating hours

【Entrance Fee】
Adults (Middle School and above)600 JPY
Children (Age 4 ~ Elementary school) 300 JPY
Children 3 and under FREE
*Above listed facility prices are for entrance after 16:00.

【Entrance Fee + All you can eat Mongolian BBQ】
Adults 2,500 JPY
Children 1,500 JPY
*Above listed facility prices are for entrance after 16:00.

【Parking】Free*Starting from 16:00

*Kira-Kira Farm 2017
Night Time Park
Bungee Tower’s Fantastic View
Star Party
Warm-up with Two All-You-Can-Eat Menus
Kira Kira Farm Limited Offer☆ Café Menu Debut!
Meet the adorable animals before the Illumination begins!