【outside of Tokyo / Kimitsu Sta. / Dude ranch】


☆★Gel Candle Making★☆

Make a one of a kind gel candle from colored sand and glass figurines!
It makes for a great gift or just a decoration piece ♪

【Dates】 12/8 (Sat)~1/27 (Sun) *Christmas themed items until 12/25 (Tues)
【Time】 10:00~1 hour before closing (Time Needed: About 45 min)
【Place】 Top of the mountain craft house
【Fees】 1,800 JPY~
【Target Audience】 4 years and older
*The gel takes about 20 min to set (the gel will be added by our staff)

☆★X’mas Mini Rare Cheese Cake Making★☆

With one small change in the cheese making process turn fresh cheese into rare cheese cake ♪ For a limited time only, add Christmas decorations to your creation. Choose from chocolate stars and a variety of 10 other accessories to make your own adorable arrangement!

【Dates】12/1 (Sat)~12/25 (Tues) *Closed 12/22
【Time】Weekdays 14:30/Weekends and Holidays 15:30 (Time Needed: About 40 min)
【Capacity】36 participants per session(Same-day Reservation)
【Place】 Food Factory
【Fees】 1,100 JPY per person

Bungee Jump in Style!

Bored of just jumping?! Why not leap in a variety of costumes!Costumes include Mother Farm standards like horses and sheep, but you can also dress as a rabbit, cheetah, or one of 10 other choices♪ Be sure to catch the fun on film and with commemorative photos!

【Dates】 Now until 12/31 (Mon) *Closed 11/23 (Fri)~25 (Sun)
【Fees】 2,000 JPY
*Canceled in the case of rain or strong wind.
*Must be between elementary school age and 65, weight must be between 38kg and 110kg.

Start of the Capybara Cascading Hot-water Baths!

The long await event, begins on November 26th.

The 26th is “Have a nice bath” day in Japan.

Our two capybaras from South America hop in the tub after waiting all year for this event. They’re ready for the staff to pour water warm water over them and they squint their tiny eyes as they stop to enjoy the moment.

■Bath Time■
◆Dates◆2018/11/26 (Mon) ~ 2019/1/31
◆Time◆15:15~ (About 15min)
◆Place◆ Fureai Pasture
◆Fee◆ FREE *Event is dependent on weather and animal conditions

Newborn Alpaca!

On Sunday, October 14th, 2018, Mother Farm (Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture) saw the birth of a baby alpaca. This is the seventh alpaca to be born at Mother Farm and it is a friendly little boy brimming with curiosity.
He has a wonderful smile which greets you like the morning sun, and so he has been given the name "Asahi" which means "morning sun" in Japanese.

"Frisky" gave birth to "Eve" in October 2016, and this alpaca is her younger brother. Both the mother and newborn are healthy, and from the day after being born can already be seen grazing together on the "Mother Farm Tour."
According to Ohashi, an alpaca animal caregiver, "the newborn is very friendly and isn't frightened by new animals or people." The newborn is being well cared for by staff and its mother. Born at 5.4kg, he has already grown to 9.6kg as of October 29th.
Don't miss you chance to meet this adorable mother and child together♪

Meet the Animals during the Illumination! Fluffy and Warm, Makiba Friends make their appearance♡

During the illumination, enjoy a variety of special events with the animals.

Meet a Marmot (Tentative)
So soft ♡and♡ fluffy, this adorable little creature will melt your worries away!!

【Date 】Each day during “Field of Lights”
【Time 】17:00~18:00
【Place 】Mountaintop Area “Multi-purpose Hall”

Sheep Feeding (Tentative)
These little balls of fluff gotta eat too♪Enjoy as they eat right from your hands☆

【Date 】Each day during “Field of Lights”
【Time 】16:30~19:00
【Fee 】200 JPY (Price for feed)
【Place 】Mountaintop Area near “Agridome”
*Event schedule may change based on weather and animal conditions

Warm-up with Two All-You-Can-Eat Menus

Back again this year for a limited time only!!

Try our two big All-You-Can-Eat menus♪Whether you choose the “Mongolian BBQ Menu” with lamb smothered in our homemade sauce or the “Kurui Mineral Water Steamed Pork Menu” featuring pork raised on the famous Kururi mineral water of Kimitsu City, both are 90 minutes all-you-can-eat.

“Mongolian BBQ Menu”


“Kurui Mineral Water Steamed Pork Menu”

The menus also include mutton curry, salad, croquette, cake and more. Endless soft drinks are also included!! With so many options, you won’t know where to start! So come out and warm up with a hot meal while enjoying the illumination♡


【Operating Hours】15:45~20:00 (Last Order 19:30)

【Includes】“Kurui Mineral Water Steamed Pork” or “Mongolian BBQ” All-you-can-eat Menus (Includes: Meat, Vegetables, Rice, Miso Soup, Mutton Curry, Croquette, Salad, Cake, and more)

【Price】Per Person: Adults 3,000 JPY/ Children 1,800 Yen (Pre-school age 4 and older 500 JPY) *Prices may change

【Location】Café & Mongolian BBQ “Farm Diner”

Night Time Park

The illumination provides a great atmosphere at “Waku Waku Land” with many attractions for kids young and old to enjoy! Try the twinkling Carousel, or fly through the air on the bicycle monorail. At an elevation of 300m, ride the highest Ferris Wheel in Chiba with a romantic flare as the sheep herd down below in the shape of a glowing heart and the sun sets over Tokyo Bay

DatesEach day during “Field of Lights”

Operating Hours16:00~20:00 (On weekdays only attractions will be in operation.)

Fees】 Fees differ per attraction (All-you-can-ride tickets available)

No need to worry and no need for an umbrella if it rains, guests can enjoy the new indoor laser light show in the Agrodome!

Guide for those traveling with small children.

Mother Farm's facilities are ready to accommodate those traveling with small children. Stroller rental is also available.

Rental Baby Strollers
A Type (For children 1 month to 4 years old, weight capacity of 18kg. Reclining style chair.)

Location :  Makiba Area / Mountain Top Area
Price :  Stollers are 300 JPY per Day
*Supply is limited

This location is also equipped with diapers for purchase, a changing table, water heater, and microwave.

Guide for Wheelchair Users

Rental Wheelchairs
Price  :   FREE
*Supplies are limited, please reserve in advanced. Please be cautious on hilly paths.

Multi-functional Restroom Facilities
Multi-functional restrooms can be found near all restroom facilities and are equipped to handle a variety of guests' needs. Additionally, the "Makiba Store Front" and "FARM DINER" have two ostomy restrooms.