【outside of Tokyo / Kimitsu Sta. / Dude ranch】


Fruit Tomato Picking

At Mother Farm’s tomato picking, you can choose from 5 varieties of mini tomatoes including Aiko, Yellow Aiko, Cindy Sweet, Tuscan Violet, and Piccolo Canaria (orange tomato). There is a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can pick as many as you like.

【Dates】 Mid December to Late May *Closed Wednesdays
【Time】 Weekends and Holidays 9:30~(From February 9:00~) Weekdays 13:00~14:00
【Place】 Fruit Farm (East)
【Fees】100 JPY per person and 150 JPY per 100g
(Ex: 300g of strawberries is 550 JPY)
*Event hours may changed based on crop conditions.
*First come basis/ Will close based on field conditions.
*Not all you can eat.

Warm Events Wool Park

The fluffy and warm fur of sheep, wool, is used in many aspects of our daily lives including our clothing. Visit the "Wool Park" to learn about the process of collecting wool, try hands on projects using wool, and take a dip in the "Wool Pool."

Experience the fun of learning while warming up in this indoor exhibit♡

【Dates】 12/8 (Sat)~1/27 (Sun)
【Time】 <Wool Park Hours>
Weekdays 12:00~15:30 /Weekends and Holidays 11:30~15:30
<Sheep and Wool Craft Hours>
Weekdays 12:00~14:00 /Weekends and Holidays 11:30~14:00
【Place】 Multipurpose Hall
【Fees】 Free Entry *Wool Craft fees separate
【Target Audience】 All Ages *Age requirements for Wool Crafts differ by project
*Dogs are not allowed during the hours when sheep are present and when the venue is crowded
*Young children must be accompanied by an adult for wool crafts.

Strawberry Picking

Mother Farm’s strawberry picking is not all you can eat, but rather is priced by weight. We recommend it for visitors who do not want to worry about time or would like to bring small children who cannot eat very much. Since you only pay for what you pick, the price is incredibly reasonable! After picking, enjoy your strawberries in the pasture where we have a break area complete with condensed milk for dipping.
The strawberries are grown in a 3 dimensional 7 layer tall hydroponics system. This way of growing means that facilities have large walkways with easy access to strawberries while standing or in a wheel chair.

【Dates】Mid-January~ Late May *Closed Tuesdays
【Time】 Weekends and Holidays 9:30~(From February 9:00~)
Weekdays 10:00~(From February 9:30~)
【Place】 Fruit Farm
【Fees】 200 JPY per person and 200 JPY per 100g
(Ex: 300g of strawberries is 800 JPY)
*Event hours may changed based on crop conditions.
*First come basis/ Will close based on field conditions.
*Not all you can eat.

【Available Varieties】 Beni Hoppe, Akihime, Moikko, Yayoi Hime
*Depending on crop conditions, all varieties may not be available

Winter Fest 2018-2019

This year is the "Year of the Boar!"
In celebration of 2019 and the year of the boar the piglet race is full of "wild boar" and about 150 sheep will gather as part of the "Grand Sheep March" to form the Chinese character for "Boar" in the pasture♪
There are also many more events to enjoy, learn about the wonders of wool at the "Wool Park" or have your fortune told by the "Fortune Teller Pony!"
It is also the season for flowers and fruit picking, find the perfect "daffodil" or sink your teeth into ripe "strawberries." ♪ Warm up with many of the exciting events at Mother Farm this season.
2018/12/8 (Sat)~2019/1/27 (Sun)

Mother Farm Spring Flowers

Daffodils, Fresh flowers signs of an Early Spring

Visible throughout the park, the best place to take in the view of the colored hills is near the entrance to the Japanese Allspice Park. A sweet aroma fills the air as the beautiful small white flowers carpet the mountainside.

【Available Varieties】 Daffodils
【Season】 Late December to Mid-February
【Number of Flowers】 100,000

☆"Reindeer Sheep" make their Appearance!☆

See Reindeer at Mother Farm!?
The adorable sheep in the pasture become reindeer and make their appearance with Santa Claus! It's a great time for a commemorative photo☆

【Dates】 12/15 (Sat)・16 (Sun) 22 (Sat)~25 (Tues)
【Time】 16:00~ ( About 30 min) 【Place】 In front of the Agridome
*Canceled in the case of rain.

☆★Christmas Zip Line★☆

Glide through the air together with a friend connected by a fateful red string (red rope!?) decorated in hearts♪ Enjoy the view and walk in tandem through the air♡

【Dates】12/1 (Sat)~25 (Tues)
【Time】Weekdays 10:30~12:00/Weekends and Holidays 9:30~12:00
【Fees】 2,800 JPY (2 people)
【Target Audience】 For eligible groups of two, eligibility below.
(Elementary School age to 69 years old, over 120cm tall, weight between 30kg and 110kg)
*Depending on height and weight, tandem riding may not be allowed.
*Tandem ride includes outward-bound ride only.
*May be canceled due to weather.

☆★Wool Knit Christmas Broach★☆

Use a specialty needle to knit strands of wool together into felt. This warm little handmade craft is a perfect match for the season♪

【Dates】 12/8 (Sat)~12/25 (Tues)
【Time】 10:00~1 hour before closing(Time Needed: About 30 min)
【Place】 Top of the mountain craft house
【Fees】 900 JPY~
【Target Audience】 Elementary age children and older