【outside of Tokyo / Kimitsu Sta. / Dude ranch】


Winter Fest 2018-2019

This year is the "Year of the Boar!"
In celebration of 2019 and the year of the boar the piglet race is full of "wild boar" and about 150 sheep will gather as part of the "Grand Sheep March" to form the Chinese character for "Boar" in the pasture♪
There are also many more events to enjoy, learn about the wonders of wool at the "Wool Park" or have your fortune told by the "Fortune Teller Pony!"
It is also the season for flowers and fruit picking, find the perfect "daffodil" or sink your teeth into ripe "strawberries." ♪ Warm up with many of the exciting events at Mother Farm this season.
2018/12/8 (Sat)~2019/1/27 (Sun)